Don’t Go Fishing…

A new way of doing things. I am open. I refuse to return to my old ways! Lord bring me the newness of your Resurrection!

On the Pilgrim Road


I must tell you that I have needed and enjoyed the dialogue of writers that has continued on this blog the last couple of days. I have to thank @Phillip for that. His opening post stirred something inside of me, made me feel vulnerable, but open, and that is exactly what I needed. 

Since then, we have engaged, the writers of this blog and I, in great conversation, which I now know the Lord intended. I no longer feel so alone in my writing, but full of hope and life. Your comments and words shared have helped me dig deeper, engaged me, and made me feel that is was ok to feel what I was feeling. To question everything. I have in fact become one of the disciples, and so have you.

Without noticing, we embarked on the same journey as they have. Questions, doubts, and fears. Where are…

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