Friends Stick Together on the Road to God

Another unprompted post by my youngest. Wouldn’t it be so easy to follow her advice on friendship? Why don’t we?

Meditations for Kids

By: Meadow

To begin with, lots of people have friends, but guess what? Some friends are not REAL friends! You’re probably thinking there is no such thing as “not real friends,” everyone is alive! What I mean by that is your friend is just a fake (if you understand what I just said.)

First of all, my mom is my friend (everybody’s mom should be their friend!!!) #My BFF. But on top of that my mom is my superhero!!!! My mom is basically my lawyer when I fall down!!! My mom is a lawyer. Let’s get back to topic here…

I have tons of friends in my class!!! (They are all nice though.) Let’s say one of my friend’s said “I will sit next to you at lunch,” but they don’t . That is so called “I’m just kidding LOSER” –that is not nice. That is what I call…

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