Where is the whole world?

I am questioning everything right now. I know that I am meant to write but where, and what? Lord, where do I go? Where is the whole world?

On the Pilgrim Road


Some further discussion and I am questioning everything. This is good.

Last night I had a dream that I was vying for a political job and I was sitting around a table with some very important people, none of which I recognized. I was wearing a bracelet with a cross on it, an old one that I have since lost or maybe even was broken. A man, unknown to me in the dream or in waking life, turns to me in his fancy tuxedo with a champagne glass in his hand, and  tells me in front of everyone, “You will never go anywhere. Not because you aren’t talented, but because all you talk about is Christ. It’s all over your social media accounts and writings.” Then silence from the table.

In the dream, I smile. I feel I have made it. What I have been striving for, I have…

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Melissa Zelniker-Presser

I am a Catholic convert from Judaism. I am a writer by the grace of God. I am a devotee to Our Blessed Mother. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I am showing up to see what happens next.

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