The Spiritual Bouquet of Christ

Easter has begun. And not just in the source life of the Church, but in the hearts of many believers. Easter is the promise of hope, the resurrection of our forgotten dreams, the time when our bodies are so badly beleagured by Lent, that the only place to go is up. Our hands are outstretched, we are on our knees, we have barely crossed the finish line. We are tired, hungry and ready to surrender.

This is exactly where God wants us to be

My ego is surrendered to my Maker. I have been humbled and afraid. I have cried and crawled and begged for water. I have sustained myself by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. I have hung on to Him when there was nothing else to sustain me, the imprint of His mother’s rosary beads in the palm of my hands. I came out of Lent covered in dirt, barely breathing. I came out exhausted and longing for change. I was beaten, battered and often times alone. And only my God could save my wretched soul.

I was exasperated when Easter did not produce the type of fruit I imagined. I felt desperate and disappointed and heard the words this-was-all-for- not repeat in my head. I was walking around in a daze.

Where are you God?

Until I met up with a friend. I prayed earlier that day for Jesus to show up, and He did. Her words changed me forever. It was an explosion of flowers. It was spring. She reminded me that Easter was not a day, it was in fact a season.

What a game changer! I had been living liturgically for so long, but realized that I still fashioned a bit of secular living. Have you ever felt like that? Been reminded that God’s calendar is not the world’s calendar? That the Church, like the world teaches us to live in “seasons.” As the globe spins in winter, spring, summer and fall, the Church lives in the glory of Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter, then back to Ordinary Time.

If we learned to live liturgically, our joy would blossom into the most beautiful bouquets.

We would align with the will of our Creator. Live in joy with Him, cry with Him, be reborn with Him and be still with Him.

Our spirits would soar!

Why do we fight against the current of our spiritual ocean? We are swimming upstream while Jesus is calling us to flow with the current. We are climbing when we should be descending. We are trying to knock down doors when we should be sitting in the waiting room. And isn’t it a great relief to know that we are not crazy, but rather we have an answer in Mother Church! That as our souls ebb and flow and yearn to be closer to Christ that Mother Church with her open arms takes us in, makes us clean and says

Yes my child! Live with Jesus! Die with Jesus! Rise again with Jesus!

Isn’t this such a glorious notion. I can run like the prodigal son into the arms of my loving Father!

So if you are feeling out of sorts, your Easter wasn’t what you thought it would be, you are feeling confused, perplexed and unsure, open the Church’s liturgical calendar and find hope in the SEASON. It is Easter and Jesus Christ has Risen! Rejoice with Him and anticipate his heavenly departure. Remember all those Lenten seeds you planted and find hope in it’s Easter fruit.

He has Risen Indeed!

9 thoughts on “The Spiritual Bouquet of Christ

  1. Amen! Beautifully said. I like how you refer this time as the Easter season, because it’s certainly not over. It’s not all wrapped in one day, and the last Sunday of Easter is June 9 before returning to ordinary time. So we are to celebrate this rebirth, knowing God’s promises is coming. It is a time for hope.

    <> I always like to tell myself, work smarter, not harder. Jesus wants us to do the same. Give your burden to him!!!

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  2. Love the way you knit words together. My thoughts about Easter take me to the tearing down of the curtain in the temple. No longer does a wall stand between us and God. We can go straight to Him now and He will be right there for us. The older I get, the more I appreciate that fact. I can’t wait to meet HIm face to face.


    1. How beautiful your words are Kathy!!! I love how he uses our own unique style of words to speak to one another. Your post so encouraged me today!

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  3. Beautiful read on this Divine Mercy Sunday! Thank you my sister. No doubt this article was divinely inspired to enlighten and uplift all who will read it. It sure did it for me. Keep writing. I love you.


  4. Love this Melissa …especially the part about the Seasons…. the Liturgical, regular seasons and then I think our own seasons. I think when we embrace that there is a season or time for everything the things we go through in our life journey begin to make a little more sense … especially with Jesus at our side. Happy Easter Season … Jesus Christ Is Risen!


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