There is a part of us that is still hidden. A part misunderstood. A part exposed. But sometimes they are disconnected, separated   far     apart.

The hiddenness of God is a sacred thing. Like a veil over the tabernacle, we cover ourselves internally so nobody can touch us there. And at the center of that tabernacle of our soul is the Lord’s eucharistic love that was created in us and existed from the beginning of time. We may not want to touch our very hidden parts, but He does. For Him, that hiddenness is certainly exposed.

Your Father sees in secret.

Lent is certainly a time of reflection and barren deserts. And while the wastelands are where I find myself most at ease, I desire more than the grain of sand. I desire the molecule behind it. I want to FEEL the sand, not simply touch it. I want the in-between-the-fingers not simply the palms. I want the inside of the grain.

I want my soul exposed in the hot sun of the noonday.

We don’t have to wander through the desert like the Israelites. We don’t have to complain. We can journey and praise and fall on our knees, not asking for quail but asking for whatever God sends to sustain us. Fasting from the whole world and leaving it far, far behind,

Lent is self-sacrifice, perseverance, exposition, tears. It is the big gaping hole inside of your chest. It is the longing for that something more. It is the urge to sin and be saved at the exact same time. It is the walking towards sainthood and the wanting to experience temporal human pleasure. It is the sacred heart of Jesus, the walking it out, the insides of His insides and not mine. It is working out my salvation with fear and trembling for a God who offers me more than this world ever could. It is constant forgiveness for the man who took everything from me, remembering that God offers Him forgiveness too.

How can you get up in the morning and not want to be near Him while the hot beating sun is at your back? Forget cheap devotionals and WWJD bracelets. Isn’t it time to deal with your demons?

Stay still but walking. His voice will ricochet off your soul. The sweet spot of God can only be found in wanting and trial. Come join me in the desert.


9 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. One of my favorite scriptures is Mark 1:12 where it says “there the Holy Spirit drove Jesus to the desert.” Such an importance to not only go, but to yearn to go. It’s only there we find God in the depths of our soul! Thx MP, your growth is inspiring and a joy to see in your writings!


    1. I love that verse, and that is what inspired my writing today! Yes growth is always so vitally necessary, even the Apostle Paul spent some time studying with the Master before beginning his ministry. It is definitely a needed part of who we are.


  2. It seems like desert times are for contemplation and repentance. God places us in the wilderness or desert to hone us – to glean the most from us – to make us thirst for Him and depend totally on his intervention in our lives. Lent is the perfect time to go to the desert. I’m with you. Let’s go.


  3. I have already followed you into the Mojave and Sonoran Desert, so what’s one more? See you there sweetie!


    1. LOL! Yes, I never thought about that! I’ll see you there tonight for repentance, forgiveness, prayer and giving.


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